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"We feed you for the sake of Allah alone;

we wish for neither reward nor gratitude from you"

The Quran 76/8-9

Please Note: Only the Bradford site is currently operating. 
Other site updates will be posted once they are up and running again.


The aim of the mobile kitchen is to provide hot food and drinks to people that are either living in poverty or are homeless.


We provides opportunities for the local communities to become actively involved in making a difference in Yorkshire.


We are currently involved in small scale projects in a range of difference counties.


InTouch Foundation is a registered charity and is a community based effort to address the plight of homeless men and women on the streets of Yorkshire.


Our dual purpose is to bring attention to this plight and provide an organisation where volunteers can become directly involved in the preparation and feeding of the less fortunate that exist on the edge of our society.


As a not for profit organisation, we are able to accept charitable donations and use them to deliver hot meals and emotional support to those men and women directly on the streets – wherever the need is greatest.

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