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There are a number of ways your sponsorship could benefit our projects and campaigns


Food sponsorship schedule


We are currently providing hot meals and drinks every Monday and Wednesday evening from our mobile soup kitchen. We work with organisations and volunteers in the community who generously donate the food we serve on a weekly basis. We are always looking for further individuals or businesses to come forward and sponsor our efforts to feed the homeless and vulnerable. Food sponsorship can be done once a year, one off or like many of our sponsors on a once a quarter rotational basis.

We would like to offer you the opportunity to sponsor the food. This can be done once a year or like many of our sponsors this can be done on a once a quarter rotational basis. Please contact our support team for further information.. 


Are you able to help us fill our sponsorship gaps?

Wherever you see Available in our schedule below indicates a need for sponsorship. You can sponsor as an organisation, an individual or get together and sponsor an evening as a group of friends. You can also choose to come and help us on the evening and see how your sponsorship has made a difference. To contact us for further details please click on an available sponsorship slot on the schedule below

General Sponsorship

Please visit out donation page by clicking here to view all general sponsorship and donation.

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