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If you are interested in fundraising and would like to organise an event please contact the fundraising team. We would like to offer our support and advice.



Do you have a fundraising idea? Send us your fundraising idea and our Fundraising Manager Faisal will be in touch with you.  If your fundraising idea is approved, we will support you with your fundraising.

Some great fundraising ideas could be:

- sponsored walk

- bring and buy sale

- coffee morning

- bazaar

- sleep-out

- car wash

- paint balling / go-karting

Please complete the form below:

Success! Message received.

We have a code of practice and can offer support to only those events that meet our code of practice. We monitor our campaigns closely to ensure our representatives adhere to all regulations and codes of best practice as set out by the Fundraising Standards Board, Institute of Fundraising and Public Fundraising Regulatory Association.


The codes of conduct states that face-to-face fundraisers:

  • Should not use manipulative techniques

  • Should never say anything that could pressure or harass people

  • Must always end a conversation in a polite and respectful manner as soon as they are asked to.

  • Fundraising techniques may only be used that adhere to the Quran & Sunnah, If information is not available through these sources then InTouch Foundation reserve the right to refer to Islamic Scholars for their advice and approval on a fundraising activity.


In addition to these codes, the InTouch Foundation has a strict policy designed to protect vulnerable people which includes not approaching people in sheltered accommodation. Our fundraisers follow this policy in addition to the codes of conduct. Before any form of face-to-face fundraising can take place in an area, we always inform the local authority and local police.

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