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A InTouch Foundation Project

Please read the Disclaimer and Terms and Conditions prior to signing up



  • I acknowledge receipt of and understand the information regarding this proposed visit.

  • I will be made aware of the health and safety risks and aware of how I can remain safe at all times. I understand that InTouch Foundation will not accept any liability for any pesonal injuries which may occour.

  • I understand that I must follow any rules and instructions given.

  • I agree to inform the leader/s of any changes or alteration to the details provided prior to the date of departure.

  • I give permission to be treated for any medical treatment in the case of an emergency, including anaesthetic.

  • I give permission that any photographs or video taken during this activity can be used by InTouch Foundation.

  • I give permission that allows the information disclosed on this form to be stored and retained on a computer database for references purpose.

  • I understand that InTouch Foundation will not accept any liability for any personal belongings.

  • I agree that the information that I have enclosed is correct.



Terms & Conditions

  • Anyone under 18 must be supervised by an adult aged 18 + (Maximum 2 children per Parent / Guardian)

  • Sign up fee is per person and non-refundable

  • Sign up fee payment must be made by Friday 20th May 2016 

  • Transport will be provided from Bradford to Leeds - to start the walk and then from Keighley back to Bradford at the end of the walk.

  • Appropriate footwear and clothing must be worn, suitable for extreme conditions i.e. waterproof, thermal and walking boots

  • Please bring a backpack with a pack lunch.

  • Medication must be brought with you i.e. Asthma pipes and tablets

  • Please ensure that you have a mobile device, with your number (above) provided in case we need to ring you

  • For general queries contact 0333 335 0403

  • I understand that all sponsorship raised is in line with the 100% donation policy and fundraising is for the Mobile Kitchen Project

  • Children are under the age of 13

  • Fee must be paid to confirm your place, all seats are first come first serve

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