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September 2015
InTouch Foundation Qurbani 2015

Sunday 27th September

Islam Bradford Centre, Bradford

All Day

Qurbani 15 (6)
Qurbani 15 (5)
Qurbani 15 (2)
Qurbani 15 (1)
Qurbani 15 (4)

We gave out over 850 packs of Qurbani meat today to people from many different backgrounds that are in need. Syrians, Nigerians, afghani's, Sudanese, Pakistanis to name just a few.

The volunteers did an amazing job organising and distributing the meat.


The Intouch foundation and Islam Bradford teams worked well together and everything ran smoothly.Two beautiful organization coming together and reviving the beautiful sunnah.


A beautiful message from our founder Osman Gondal and Br. Masood Choudhary from Islam Bradford. 


Click here to read about the event in the Asian Express


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