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July 2015
Ramadan Bucket Collection

Last 2 weeks of July

Shimlas, Bradford 

7.30 pm - 10.30 pm (Fri, Sat & Sun)

Bucket Collection 15 (7)
Bucket Collection 15 (6)
Bucket Collection 15 (5)
Bucket Collection 15 (4)
Bucket Collection 15 (3)
Bucket Collection 15 (2)
Bucket Collection 15 (1)
Bucket Collection 15 (8)
Food Raised for the Food Bank

Thursday 16th July

University Academy Keighley


Special thank you to Mr Dring, Miss Kazi and the awesome current Yr 11 students from University Academy Keighley who raised over £200 to purchase food for the InTouch FoundationUK Food Bank.


Generous donations like this saves lives

Make a birthday wish come true!

Thursday 16th July




BDay wish 3
BDay wish 2
BDay wish 1
Children raise money for those in Need

Sunday 12th July

Islam Dewsbury , Dewsbury


Jazakumullah Khair to the Congregation at Islam Dewsbury. Alhamdulillah we raised £435. May Allah reward all who donated immensely ameen.

Al Hidayah 2
Al Hidayah 1
Children raise money for those in Need

Saturday 11th July

Al-Haadiyah Islamic School , Leeds


A big massive thank you to Al-Haadiyah Islamic School in Leeds.

Young children from 4 years old to their teens helped raised funds for the homeless and those in need.


Alhumdulillah they rasied £3000 for InTouch Foundation

May Allah swt bless them and reward them for all their efforts.

We hope to work much more with them closer in the future inshaAllah.

To help raise funds during the month of Ramadan, our fundraising team went and stood outside Shimlas.


All of volunteers managed to stand outside, whilst fasting - in order to raise awareness and money!


Over a period of 6 days we raised over £1500 for those in need!


Excellent team effort!

Huge card appeal launched to celebrate autistic child’s fourth birthday The campaign helped to ensure one soon-to-be four-year-old does not have to celebrate his birthday alone this year by launching their own ‘Birthday Card Appeal’.


Bilal Shah, a volunteer with the InTouch Foundation, first heard about Matthew’s situation on Facebook and after contacting the family, arranged for the appeal to begin. “I got in touch with Matthew’s sister first of all via a Facebook group two weeks ago to say I wanted to send a birthday card down,” Bilal explained.

“I then told the team at InTouch about the situation and we came up with the idea to send a whole mass of cards to show there are people out there who care. “Kids should not be alienated because of a disability and that is why we are so committed to this appeal.”


Click here to read more about it in the Asian Express

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